Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Joe's Goals

One of the best Sopranos' scenes ever: Anthony intimidates Dr. Kennedy at the golf course, simultaneously handing him a "gift" putter while menacingly pushing him into a water hazard. As the heart doctor pulls our his PDA to make an appointment for Uncle Junior, Anthony slaps the gizmo to the ground and says, "Remember it."

I've tried geek organizational approaches from the hipster PDA to web tools like Planzo. Despite my best intentions, I always fall back to the Anthony Soprano GTD method - remembering the important stuff.

Joe's Goals is a good technique for those with commitment problems when it comes to goal setting. Why? It's simple. Set your goals and check them. If you're trying to learn French, add a check when you study and two checks for a double session. If you want to stop biting your nails, set a negative goal and subtract points for ever indiscretion. Joe's Goals also tracks your success in weekly, monthly, and tri-monthly reports.

Although the site contains few bells and whistles, the bear-bones approach might be just the necessary tonic to remember the important stuff: such a paying off your gambling debts.

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