Monday, October 01, 2007

Good Morning Campers

Hey guys - I'm back from a long and un-announced sabbatical. I didn't mean to disappear for the summer leaving you with only dancing bollywood supermen and no explanation. I've been pretty busy with work, moving, a book and holidays - and I just hadn't found time to post in a while. But now I think I'm back on track. Thanks to Beth and the other SS writers who've been posting in the meanwhile. And thanks to all of the emails and links suggestions over the past few months - I've been seeing all of them and will post many good ones.

In addition to more regular posting on the Stingy Scholar, I will also be taking over Steve Carson's (of MIT OCW fame) role at the blog Wide Open Education of the OEDB family. Jimmy Atkinson invited me to fill Steve's loafers and I'm happy to do so. OEDB is making a great effort to become the equivalent of the US News & World Report listing for online education. In the process, they are also building a great database of knowledge on free educational resources and online learning in general. I'm very excited to assist in the development of this site.

Although my postings at Wide Open Ed will probably resemble these Stingy Scholar posts at first, I'm hoping to tackle different issues and differentiate the two. Not quite sure yet but will think about how. In any case, if you like this site, be sure to visit both in the future (here's the feed) and I'll certainly be referring back and forth. See you soon.