Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stingy Scholar Catch-up

Sorry that I haven't posted over the past two weeks... I've been on the road for work and I haven't had much computer access. Here are some good links from while I was away.

Lifehacker rounds-up some free educational materials. It's an interesting mix of some well-known sites, new finds, and clever search suggestions (such as using Google to find syllabi and other course materials).

Ottobib - by far the easiest bibliography created tool yet available. Enter the ISBN and you've got a proper citation. Various styles are available (MLA, APA, etc.)

DailyLit makes the Gutenberg Project library accessible to busy blackberry addicts. Choose from a wide list of works and specify when you wish to receive the emails.

Kevin Kelly at Cool Tool's links to a 153 page Aviation Instruct's handbook available for free from the FAA. Rightly so, he point out it's value in teaching general instruction techniques for all teachers.

Some other fun links -
117 moneysaving tips for students...
Clusty's got a Shakespeare search engine...
Logical paradoxes...
The Gapminder statistics visualizer from Google...
Yale to join the opencourseware crowd...
Mouseprint - a site pointing out the fineprint in advertisement claims...
The Interactive Periodic Table...
& Zotero looks like it will be a very handy firefox research tool...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekend Stuff

Silvio Rodriguez "Yo Te Invito a Caminar Conmigo"

Learn Out Loud's excellent 101 pages on various subjects.

Element - Science links, headlines, and research opportunities (from Columbia University).

English 2 American dictionary.

AskMeFi post on where to live to best survive an apocalypse.

iPod museum tourguides for an exhibit of the works of Haitain artist Edouard Duval Carrié (more on the artist).

Thursday, September 07, 2006 Updates - European History & BBC Italian updates for this week: Berkeley's European History from the Renaissance to the Present and the BBC language resource page for learning Italian. If you have suggestions for next week, let me know at stingyscholar at gmail dot com.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Great Spanish Econ Resource

If you are looking for free spanish economic textbooks and educational multimedia, EUMED, from the University of Malaga is the resource you want. Although only a small number of readers may find this useful, it's a powerful index of resources and dictionaries of economic terms (you might also want to visit this Spanish-English translator of economic terms). La Caixa also posts all of their economic studies.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It's a rare occurence that my wife gets really into one of the sites I post - let alone my wife and sister-in-law - so I thought VideoJug was worth a second post. These guys are doing an excellent job of building a rapidly growing library of instructional video tutorials. It's like a useful YouTube without blatant copyright infringement. Thanks to VideoJug, I have shinier shoes and neater shirts. I've learned how to eat sushi the right way and sell celebrity photographs on the internets. History fans will like the new library on the world wars and 20th century events. Plus they keep expanded their core collection - cooking videos with concise instructions.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Textbook Power

Students heading back to school in the US might want to visit Textbook Power, a site devoted to textbook exchanges. The comprehensive index lists national and university swaps along with user comments and combined ratings. Thrifty students might also want to consider some of the new pdf textbook sites popping-up such as iChapters, one of the better ones.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Whole Lotta Love

Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love"

Handy search engine of US schools with profiles. Mixed with Google Maps for location and driving directions.

Instruction video from VideoJug on how to eat sushi. Apparently, I'm doing it upside-down.

Football basics from Expert Village. Discusses techniques, rules, and some simple stategy.

Dr. Carlson's Science Theatre webcasts. Some fun experiments. (Photo by H Berends)