Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Information Must Be Free

Although we don't explicitly point to legal free materials, we can assume that's the focus here, right? So, clearly I wouldn't link to this fantastic site as there may be slight copyright violations going on.

I also wouldn't write a site summary like: "If you're looking for a thorough selection of finance and economics texts, no one can beat BD Analyst. An excellent resource for CFA prep and business students as well as financial professionals."

And of course, I wouldn't point to and recommend any specific materials available for download, such as the Brealey Myers Principles of Corporate Finance-4th Edition.

So yeah, not going to do that.

By the way, here's a post with people yelling at me for posting materials like this. Feel free to join in!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

We Papers

I don't know if wePapers should call themselves the YouTube of academic papers & documents. Because YouTube has stuff like this:

wePapers, on the other hand, has stuff like this and like this. For a new site I'm impressed by the depth and quality of the materials available on this site. For instance, in the economics subcategory there are 340 papers available on topics ranging from Game Theory & Competitive Strategy to the Case for Internet Music.

Basically, wePapers is everything that we like:

1. High quality academic materials including tons of stuff from Columbia, MIT, Hebrew University and UCLA

2. Professional clean interface. Great, fast-loading pdf/web integration to view, resize and read the documents

3. Easy access, navigation and downloading. The materials aren't trapped or hidden. Save them to your laptop. Print them out.

4. Totally free, no catches or büll$h!t.

Yeah, so check it out.