Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gilberto Gil's Great Website

Gilberto Gil, legend of latin american music and current culture minister of Brasil, has a great website. In addition to videos, interviews, and writings, the site contains streaming audio for every track on every disc spanning his incredibly prolific musical career. Many of these discs are tough to find - such as this great live version of Kaya N'Gon Daya, his Bob Marley tribute album. For more on his perspective on open software and copyright reform, see this article from the Guardian. Here's an except:

He is politician enough to hold back from endorsing the breaking of laws, for example on music downloading, but only just. "The Brazilian government is definitely pro-law," he grins. "But if law doesn't fit reality anymore, law has to be changed. That's not a new thing. That's civilisation as usual." (He is not a hi-tech person himself, he says, but readily concedes that his children have "probably" done a fair bit of illegal downloading.)

Also check out these speeches from NYU and Berkeley.