Friday, August 04, 2006

More Toys, Recipes, and Animal Noises

Another great band from Argentina, Villanos - "Sin Mi"

Following yesterday's post, Lex from OOG voor Ghana sent me this great site containing dozens of brilliant toys literally made from trash. I particularly like the climbing butterfly, the colourful fish, and the coke can airplane (pictured). Among the toys, Advind Gupta also has some interesting science experiments. OOG voor Ghana, or "Eyes on Ghana", is a small Dutch organisation devoted to supporting education in Ghana (the guys were also nice enough to include The Stingy Scholar among "What's New" for August).

Check out this compilation of 57 pdf recipe books available at mininova. I think the majority of the materials included are in the public domain.

Here's a site posted on Boing Boing a few weeks ago that compiles animal noises from around the world (i.e. a dog says "woof woof" in English but "vov-vov" in Sweden).

Here's an even better site with people actually making the noises.

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