Friday, October 20, 2006

Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society

This is my new favorite blog. The Kircher Society site is an electronic cabinet of curiosities spanning across medical oddities, wacky historical inventions, and bizarre natural phenomena. Here are a handful of posts from the lengthy archives that I've just started to sift through:

Caterpillar Wine
The feather book of Dionisio Minaggio (pictured)
How spiders weave webs
Crazy multi-lingual multi-tasker
Thematic cartography
Ancient Chinese water clock
Taxidermic anthropomorphic frog museum
Bizarre diaromas
Blue-skinned people of Kentucky
Morbid collection of unusual deaths
Public aeolian harps
Gallery of fabled freaks
Undying garden (pictured)

History of walking on water
The largest, rarest flower in the world
Soviet film on reanimation of dead organism
World garden labyrinth locator
Bread baked to look like dead bodies
Girl who won't grow up
Gallery of scale model cities
The Dinner Table Railroad of Gaston Menier

By the way, Athanasius Kircher seems to be the forgotten Leonardo da Vinci.


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