Sunday, April 08, 2007

The YouTubes for Data and PDFs - I Don't Get It....

Happy Easter! Enjoy the Peep Show (warning, some might consider this R-rated depending on your sensitivity to marshmallow-on-marshmallow action).

We've seen a lot of buzz about two sites recently. Swivel has generated buzz as the YouTube of Data. Meanwhile, Scribd is heralded as the YouTube of PDFs. I've taken a look at both sites and my reaction is that both are filled with lots of garbage. Sure, there are some good material on the sites, but I really don't understand the appeal. I'd love to hear some different opinions, so comment or email and tell me why I'm wrong.


Tarmo Toikkanen said...

I still haven't found an exception to this rule: "90% of everything is crap"

So while most of the content may be useless, it's just a matter of filtering the good content to the top and letting the poor content sink into invisibility.

Wynn Williamson said...

guess you're right. i just heard so many people talking about how great swivel is and i'm yet to see why it's really all that interesting....

Larry Ferlazzo said...

I recently posted about how Scribd is an extraordinary site for English Language Learners -- in fact, one of the best out there:

It allows students to write, post, and hear what they've written spoken back to them.

Larry Ferlazzo

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