Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How to Follow Football (Soccer) In Europe

Here's a good introductory article on football (soccer) in Europe. The article is directed towards Americans, and contrasts the European systems against those of US professional sports. Although knowledgable fans might not agree with every generality, this is a fairly good overview.

If you are looking to get into European football, you may wish to download the upcoming Champions League semi-finals next week - Barcelona/AC Milan and Villareal/Arsenal. Barca and Villareal are coincidentally playing each other in La Liga this Friday. Well-seeded torrents for these games can usually be found on Mininova. Also, you can watch these games through P2P streaming - see here for a good introduction and here for links. (Here is another forum with streaming links. Many of these sites don't last long, although they are not technically illegal. Search on del.icio.us for streaming and football to find more)

Also, here is another blog where I regularly post with some friends of mine. Many good football videos and links can be found there (careful - not everything safe for work).


Anonymous said...

another site for P2P Football


They are broadcasting the matches by tvants,tvu,sopcast and ppstream.You can watch most of the importants matches there and it is FREE.I didnt have any problem last 3 months.

Hope it is helpfull

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