Friday, April 28, 2006

YouTube HowTo's Vol. 1

Jamie Cullum "These Are the Days"

While it might not seem like an educational resource, there are many great "How To" tutorials in the YouTube vaults. From Japanese cooking tips to juggling to bikini calculus, there's definitely some quality stuff.

Of course, while looking for these, I've also seen fifty ways to roll a joint, perform strip teases, and "bE keWl". I guess it's what they say about a million monkeys with a million matter what, it's going to be entertaining.

Here are the first 10 videos. There will be more installments soon.

(1) How to Make a British Cup of Tea (5:17)

(2) How to Make a Truffled Egg Benedict (8:16)

(3) Bikini Calculus (5:42)

(4) How to Make a Taser from a Disposable Camera (4:52)

(5) How to Juggle Three Balls (7:41)

(6) How to Change a Flat Tyre (5:35)

(7) How to Boing-E-Boing a Yo-Yo (1:02)

(8)Convert DRM Protected WMA Music File (6:36)

(9) How to Make a Cigarette Lighter from two D Batteries (3:06)

(10) How to Remove Fish Scales without the Mess (0:49)


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