Monday, July 24, 2006

The Digital Book Index

The Digital Book Index is probably the most complete index of eBooks on the web, indexing over 124,000 titles from thousands of university sites, private publishers, and the Gutenberg Project. In addition to a decent search function, the material is also browsable by subject and author. Although some sites, such as Questia, require a fee, over 2/3 of the site listings are entirely free and the rest usually allow some kind of "sampling".


Beth Ritter-Guth said...

Hey Stingy - this is a great site. I think it would be great if all professors would create an icon on their blogs and a link on their wikis (I did it on my academic site: I am hoping to convert to completely open access materials, and, sometimes, it is hard to find stuff. This is a great tool!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...