Friday, July 21, 2006

A Second Look

Huey Lewis & The News "I Want A New Drug"

Here's a second look at some excellent sites worth revisiting.


A few months back, we looked at some of our animal friends using Nuvvo's do-it-yourself course sites. Professor Piggly created an intranet for his friday morning course so that his students could catch-up on the material they missed nursing hangovers. Ms. Bunny Pierzing launched a commercial site to demonstrate her revolutionary new body piercing techniques. And Terry Turtlebaum's was using Nuvvo to spread the latest gossip on how Jack Bauer was going to get off that Chinese steamboat.

All their sites are still doing well. Enrollment is booming and their needs are growing. Fortunately, so is Nuvvo. As always, Nuvvo offers a free, easy-to-use and stylish alternative to coursesites such as Blackboard or Moodle. And the Savvica guys roll out more features all the time.

Terry Turtlebaum's benefited from the new ranking system and tags as more and more 24 fans are flocking to his site. Professor Piggly has used Skype Web and iCalendar to keep in touch with his students. After a couple Gatorades and a hearty breakfast (works much better that coffee and orange juice), his students are having impromptu afternoon courses through Nuvvo. Unfortunately, it's been such a success that hardly anyone shows up Friday mornings. Finally, Bunny's piercing site has a cult following. She's brought on some other experts from across to country to share their knowledge as paid professors. As her little site has become a full-time business, Bunny's decided to take advantage of the enterprise offerings. More storage, CSS customization, ad control, and permissions settings are just a few of the additional features she's using.

So if you haven't yet, take a look at Nuvvo and see all the news on the blog.

Good Sh*t

Fans of softcore porn and hardcore educational links - if you haven't been to GoodSh*t, you're missing out. Fred's prolific postings covers the world of science, art, literature and music (with lots of..umm...detours along the way).


Another Web 2.0 gem, Vyew is a fantastic, free alternative to whatever remote meeting software we use at the office that never seems to work. These guys have also been adding a ton of new features including desktop sharing.

Finally, not to keep pinching the good post from Learn Out Loud, but over on their blog, they just posted a great listing of the better selections available through Librivox. It's a good way to load-up for your summer holiday.

Also, thanks again to Beth for listing some more of my links over on Proftitutes.


Beth Ritter-Guth said...

Thanks :-) Right now I am working on a wiki that collects podcasts of College English materials. I will be posting many of your links again there, and will be sure to give you credit. The wiki will be located at Thanks for all the great stuff! I love your blog!!!

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