Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hot Babes / Hot Educational Links

WARNING: Not Work Safe.
Against my better judgment, I have to post this site because it is the oddest educational site I've ever seen. I'm not used to seeing posts on Brazilian Bird songs and Italian cemetary monuments next to Jamie Presley nude photo galleries. A sample:

Scholars studying the Holocaust, the attempted destruction of the Jews of Europe, soon face a central issue: How much information[al] awareness [did] the American government have as to what was taking place, and why [if] they were aware of what was taking place did they not act to prevent the mass murders...
[perhaps a list of BABES links later in the day]

This is from a single post. Check for yourself if you don’t believe me. This guy makes dozens of posts per day. Here are some of gems I found here, all from this month:

Web Gallery of Art (nice art gallery)
Native Tech: Native American Technology and Art
Japan Manhole Gallery
Episteme Links for Philosophical Resources (tons of stuff here)
An Evaluation of Chaco Anasazi Roadways
Arthritis Insight: The Complete guide to living with arthritis
Game Theory .net - Resources for Learning and Teaching Strategy for Business and Life
Nature-Wildlife The photography and behavior of African and North American mammals and birds
University of Delaware Library: FORGING A COLLECTION
Condom history, effectiveness and testing
:Ten Top Accidental Discoveries
I want to - a page of utilities that help you do stuff you want to Web 2.0 applications
Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology (discusses the psuedo-science that let to the modern discipline)
The Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep
RedPhoneBox (A history of British telephone booths)
S. D. Jones: Folk Art in Bottles
Historical Photos of Weather Damage
BiblioVault - Overview (great collection of scholarly full texts)
Classical and Opera Music used in Movies - Home and search
Nature of the Beast [Pacific Asia Museum] (animals in Asian art - great flash site with games)
Games and Simulations at (understand the work of Nobel Prize Winners through these games and simulations)

If you think that porn and the NY Times Circuit Section belong together, then check this site out. You can say you read it for the educational links.

Thanks to anonymous Dave for the tip.


Anonymous said...

porn and learning...

it will change Higher Ed

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yay for the future of education and learning!

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