Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Jacktracker

The "24" Jacktracker follows the hourly path of everyone's favorite CTU hero, Jack Bauer. The Jacktracker merges maps, plot synopsis, pictures and videoclips.
From Gridskipper:

Courtesy of the fine folks at Wayfaring, Flickr, YouTube, and of course, Fox TV’s 24, we’re proud to introduce the latest in time-wasting map technology: the Gridskipper Jacktracker, in which we map Jack Bauer’s progress through 24 hours of travel, terrorism, and mayhem, generally committed in and around Los Angeles.

Putting aside all action-packed 24 action, mash-ups like the Jacktracker demonstrate how easy it is to combine these social networking sites to create a fun and interactive interface. Think of how this could be used scientifically to follow bird migrations or in an art class to track the work of graffiti artists including video and photos. Browse Google Maps Mania for more ideas.

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