Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fred's Finds: Literary Stuff

THE SLOT: A Spot for Copy Editors
Bill Walsh is a pro, and he has a number of published books on copyediting. Nothing helps a good writer get better than a good copy editor. Learn more about this craft and what it offers writers and publishing. You might even consider becoming a copy editor yourself, or do free lance work in this field. Also visit the blog.

Chronicles of the Beast?
The Times Literary Supplement covers four books discussing the development of the Devil figure and it current resurgence as a figure for university studies and appeal to contemporaries as a newly minted gentleman, at home and fashionable. This article is a quick trip through history as the figure of the Devil has evolved.

Google Book Search Offering Out-of-Copyright Materials

"Starting today, you can go to Google Book Search and download full copies of out-of-copyright books to read at your own pace. You're free to choose from a diverse collection of public domain titles -- from well-known classics to obscure gems."

Very nice. Also, Google Book search can be a helpful tool for authors or professors. If you put in an piece of writing (say 4 sentences), if the work has been plagerized, you will be given the source of what you put into the search.

Literary Resources on the Net

This is an excellent portal maintained by the very busy Jack Lynch, who also runs sites on writing and grammar. Categories include "Classical & Biblical", "Medieval", "Renaissance", "Twentieth-Century British & Irish", "Women's Literature & Feminism", and many more.

The Luminarium

A great multimedia resource on the Renaissance. I found it through John F. Tinkler's handy list of Renaissance Texts.