Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mysterious Universe

Not strictly a free learning post, I've decided to stray just this once to inform you of a podcast I've recently become enthused by on my travels. Mysterious Universe is basically a plethora of the weird and super-weird goings on in this World (and on others apparently). Hosted by an enthusiastic Australian by the name of Benjamin Grundy, the podcast has become incredibly popular. Prompted by this success, Mr Grundy quit his day job and took to podcasting full-time. I must say, some of the stories are incredible, others farcical. However, there is no bias to the way he reports, it's all in good spirits (literally).

Anyway, if you fancy a departure from intense learning, then pop over to the website and have a look around. The links and stories posted on there are equally as exotic. If a live sheep being lowered into a hole reported to be 80,000 feet deep, only be brought back up dead and pregnant with a baby seal with human eyes, then hey - you know where to go! Ciao. P.S. What's wrong with this duckling?