Thursday, March 01, 2007

Open Learn Has Lots of Good, Free Stuff

Let's keep it real. (Is that antiquated slang? I have a feeling no one says that anymore).

It's great to talk about important issues and intellectual debates...blah blah blah...but the Stingy Scholar is really all about the swag. That's right, baby. We want the free stuff. So let's drop the whole development of the OCW movement angle and look at the awesome free stuff that the Open University is providing under the name Open Learn.

As we were saying, the OCW's are short versions of full paid courses. Here are some particularly good courses to check out:

What do genes do?
What is the genome made of?
French: Ouverture
Motion Under Gravity
Potable Water Treatment

We've pointed out these courses because they contain a lot of neat audio/video resources or are particularly well-developed, but Open Learning has a ton of good course. Especially in business and arts/humanities - two areas where there are not nearly enough OCW's. Check out these pages on Hume and Delacroix. A full index of all courses is here.

These are all self-contained modules and there is no need to buy a textbook (although there is often links to good external resources). You can also keep on online journal and discuss the materials with other students in related forums

The Open University is developing a number of online tools in the Lab Space. Lots of clever ways to speak with other users and link ideas together.

Over the next year these courses are going to get even more developed. Great for us.


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