Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top 14 MIT OpenCourseWares (#6-10)

Part two of our three part series. Here are the MIT courses ranking 6-10.

10. Quantitative Physiology: Organ Transport Systems, Spring 2004
Lectures: None
Readings: Detailed related notes corresponding to lecture topics
Study materials: Problem sets and exams with solutions; related resources

Although this course has textbooks to purchase listed in the syllabus, the primary materials are available as pdfs. Detailed problem sets for studying are also available.

9. Logic I, Fall 2005
Lectures: None
Readings: Textbook in development
Study materials: Problem sets

Very detailed readings from textbook in development by MIT faculty entitled "Logic: The Art of Persuasion and the Science of Truth".

8. Software Engineering for Web Applications (Fall 2003)
Lectures: Detailed notes
Readings: Two free online textbooks
Study materials: Problem sets and exams

A course with two online textbooks (Internet Application Textbook and SQL for Web Nerds). Also included are detailed problem sets and exams - both with answers. Course is available in Spanish, too.

7. Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment, Fall 2002
Lectures: Detailed notes by topic and sub-topic
Readings: None
Study materials: Problem sets, iCampus site

Very detailed lecture notes and iCampus site with sixteen modules explaining topics such as waves, basic laws, thermal effects, etc.

6. Electromagnetic Fields, Forces, and Motion (Spring 2005)
Lectures: Detailed notes
Readings: Free online textbook
Study materials: Downloadable problem sets and exams with solutions; video demonstrations

This course examines electromagnetic forces, stress tensors and other fun Maxwell-related concepts. The site has the full text of the textbook used in the first half of the course and 24 videos demonstrating the concepts. Although there are no audio/video of the classes, detailed notes are available as well as great downloadable problem sets and exams with solutions.


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