Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fake States

Today, in one of the free newspapers handed out on the Madrid subways, I saw a great article on unrecognized states proclaimed by crooks, idealists, and rebels. Fortunately, most of these nations have websites. Here are some of the island descriptions (translated from the article):

Sealand: This nation is only a platform outside British waters that the Bates family occupied and declared an independent state. While its status was being argued, more that 150,000 fake passports were issued by mafias from all around the world.

Gay & Lesbic Kingdom: In June of 2004, a group of gay and lesbian activists left the coasts of Australis towards the coral reefs as a protest against the Australian government for failing to legalize gay marriage. Dale Parker was proclaimed emperor with the name Dale the First.

Conch Republic: The habitants of Key West in Florida were fed-up with the police closing the highway united them to the continent. In 1982, they declared themselves independent from the US and declared war. Mel the First is their king.

United Kingdom Atlantis (no link): A micronation created for fraudulent purposes. The nation was supposedly composes of several small islands in the Pacific. Many investors were swindled by the promise of a tropical tax haven.

The Hutt River Province: Leonard George Casley was a farmer in the west of Australia arguing with the government over the price of grain. Claiming authority under a 15th century law, he declared independence in 1970 and proclaimed himself Prince Leonard the First. Today, he profits from souveniers and tourism.

New Utopia: A desert island in the Carribean. An American investor named Prince Lazarus with a vision for the future. This is New Utopia and the image of an airport over the ocean that he wants to construct. Hotels, tax paradise, and consultation all in one place.

Seborga: With eyes fixed on nearby Monaco, this small Italian town of Seborga on the French border argues historical rights to proclaim independence.

Kalakuta Republic: Fela Kuti is an African music legend. A legendary saxofonist, activist, and great lover of live. In response to the repression of the Nigerian military regime, Kuti founded his own republic in the local bar. It was raded and overthrown by the police.

Araucania: Orelie-Antonie de Tourens travelled in 1860 to the land of the Mapuches (south of Argentina and Chile) and demanded the kingship. His reign was brief, but his heirs maintain the crown and title.


Anonymous said...

proclaimed by crooks, idealists, and rebels.

Aren't all countries started pretty much the same way?

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Hi, really enjoying your blog.

If you are interested in these things, you should read newfoundlands in Cabinet Magazine.


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