Friday, May 26, 2006

Fly Little Bird

Flashback to the mid-90's with Pet Shop Boys' "Can You Forgive Her?". I loved this album and love it even more after seeing this bizarre video.

Since we're on the topic of graduation speeches, flylittlebird is a site worth visiting. The dropstone group gathered a 150 graduation speeches together and attempted to code and extract "meta-advice" by combining the insights together. I'm not sure if the results are really all that interesting: volunteering, life-long learning, democratic participation, etc., but the site does contain a great archive and detailed documentation of the process.

Playing With Time
contains time-lapse videos of changing seasons, building constructions, cats lapping milk, and much more. The site, which accompanies a travelling exhibition, also contains a toolkit and ways to participate.

For those David Aronofsky fans that see the music behind elegant mathematical proofs, the Metamath Music Page is with you. The site contains midi represenations of famous proofs along with explanations of the processes.


Anonymous said...

The Pet Shop Boys rule! Thanks for the flashback Wynn. :)

Jon from LearnOutLoud

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