Friday, May 19, 2006

Nouveau Western

Nouveau Western by Mc Solaar

Another Friday, another batch of good links.

Here's a "free stuff hall-of-fame" list from Joanna, a very active member of the Learn Out Loud forums. Some more good recommendations are listed in the response. Feel free to add more - think I will over the weekend. (Picture by Nick).

From the University of Minnesota, Flash Learning Games lets you make and play sharp-looking educational quizzes. Sign-up is restricted to educators.

The Literature Network has the full text of more than 1200 full books and 2000 short stories and poems. Most (if not all) of these materials are available at and other locations, but this site has a very active forum that links nicely with the author profiles. For example, click on Wordsworth and alongside his poetry you'll also find a number of forum discussions. One stop shopping for lazy high school students.

z360 shows high-resolution quicktime panoramas for beautiful and/or interesting sites around the world, such as Signal Hill in New Zealand and the Gaza Strip. Here's another site with Quicktime tours of Pompei.


ShorelineWind said...

I've been reading this blog for a while. (Found it from Textbook Revolution--which I found from the Light and Matter website, which I found from Creative Commons--but that's besides the point.)

I love the endless free resources you have been able to gather. They're more than useful, especially to a self-learner like me.

I'm mainly commenting to inform you that the link on your sidebar to is broken. (Hmm. It looks like the ending ".com" is is missing--but I might be wrong.)

Thanks for investing so much of your time into this. =)

Wynn Williamson said...

Thank you very much! Glad to hear that the resources have been good for another self-learner.

I removed the www from - i think that might have been the problem.

ShorelineWind said...

Hello again =)

Thought you might be interested in this, especially since this blog is what got me interested in in the first place.

It's a collection of most of the bookmarks I've gathered over the years. (There are a lot of history websites, by the way.) I've been working on this collection all day, and it's still not complete (need to clean up a bit--delete a few more things I don't like, organize a little more, add descriptions etc)--but I doubt it's ever going to be truly complete, anyway.

Maybe a quick browse thought it might be helpful.

Thanks again for all your work, and I hope this is somewhat resourceful. =)

ShorelineWind said...

Ick. Forgot the link. Here it is:

Sorry about that.

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