Sunday, February 25, 2007

Destination: Commercial Sims

I will be reviewing a whole bunch of educational sites in SL, but first...let's talk shopping.

In real life, I hate shopping. In SL, I think I need some sort of shopper support group. Further, I actually CARE about fashion in SL....I sooooo don't care about it in RL. There is even a fashion mag....omg...and I read it!!!!

My favorites?

Aerolite Mall - there are some great vendors there that sell some pretty hip clothes. I can usually find what I need here, and the prices aren't bad. My favorite clothing stand is run by Lara Languish. She has a nice mix, and also a bunch of free stuff. My other favorite stand is Phoenix Designs; the owner, Neoznet Watts, built me a custom laptop for my RL students playing in SL. Mall owner, Liam Clinton, has laid it out pretty well...there is space to bring lots of your friends.

CryoGen Cloning Lab - They have awesome shapes and skins there, and they sport a pretty nice mall, as well. The detail of the skins is quite impressive, and is worth the linden. My skin is from A Lady, but these are probably more detailed than even I sport. The owner, Michelle Margrass, also designs the skins. She is right on top of things!!!

Calla Hair - I have bought a LOT of hair, and they have nice hair for not much Linden. I like their version of ashe blonde (pictured above).

ETD Hair - This is my other hot spot for hair. The hair has great detail, and it isn't too expensive. Their long cuts are flexi and I am a huge fan of honey and honey burnt (um, omg...was that a sentence I actually uttered????)

DE Designs - I like wicked cool clothes....and DE has the best detail I have ever found in all of SL. The outfits come with a lot of pieces, so you get a variety of looks from one outfit.

Soooooo.....if you are inworld...IM me, and I will soooooo take ya shopping!!!!


pk said...

I may regret asking such an ignorant question but...what's 'SL'?

I know what 'RL' is.

pk said...

OK. As soon as I hit enter I regretted it. 2nd Life. duh.

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