Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stingy Scholar, Now With Tags

The impossible dream is now here. Look to the right and you will see a list of labels. Here's hoping this helps to make the site more navigable.

FYI - just to clarify a couple tags -"research" covers all potentially useful research tools, "university" covers college life as well as opencoursewares and other offerings from major universities, "ipod" covers things that can go on your ipod, and "portals" are sites with lots of good links organized by subject. Most of the other tags are pretty self-explanatory.

We've gone back and tagged the old posts...if you see something mislabeled or think we should add/divide labels, let us know.


Jason said...

"Its Tag-ariffic!" :)

Laura said...

Thanks for taking the time to categorize, it makes things a lot easier to find :o)

pk said...

I keep gagging on this idea for myself. I went the delicious route and have at least for the mo', decided to stick with it and not bother with these new fangled google not-anymore-beta tags.

The main reason is: tags are not as useful as tags with summaries are. I don't see any way at all to improve things. What I think goes under one tag, someone else will think goes under another. Hence search using tags can only ever be partly useful and frequently frustrating. It will never replace good search. And good search (meaning intuitive, easy finding of relevant info) works better when there is more indexable information. At least all this is how I have basically rationalized my sidestepping of google tags and continuing with tag/summarize at delish. In fact I use all 3: I search via googleblogs, search via delicious and search via delicious tags. They all have their benefits.

None of this is to denigrate your choice, it's more by way of contrast to an ongoing problem we all have: better organising information so that it's logical, easy and intuitive for everybody.

But good on you. I'm glad to know that your house is now cut up into manageable slices ;-)

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