Thursday, February 09, 2006

The AllLearn Library Portal

The AllLearn library is the best collection of academic links that I've encountered. Although there are many excellent portals - Merlot, Dept. of Education, Awesome Library - AllLearn posts links carefully selected by "university experts". Because of this, there is less need to filter through numerous links to find substantive resources. AllLearn was a distance learning consortium set-up between Oxford, Stanford, and Yale. There is a notice on the site that AllLearn will be revamping their course offerings this spring.


dt said...

this is a totally awesome much better than porn...I've spent the past two hours pouring through the links. Intelligently designed. You get the feeling that the links have been peer reviewed and endlessly updated. Clicked through 150 links and all worked...thanks...oh, I just posted about it, too...where do you find these?

Anonymous said...

The website seems to have been pulled down after the alliance failed.

I hope somebody has the links collated and can resurrect the library in some form or the other. Meanwhile if somebody could post a link to a cache of the library, I would much appreciate it.

Such a pity that progress is almost always sacrificed at the altar of capitalism.

Anonymous said...

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