Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Portal?

Looks like a great new portal appears every day. Like the other portals we've seen, Wanna Learn indexes free edu- resources. Click on the sub-categories to see all the links. They've gathered many good pages, especially under World Languages. For example, see UCLA's Turkish Tutor. The "Just for Fun" section has some entertaining sites, such as these bar tricks.

For a bit of internet learning history, check out this late 90's portal. Although many of the links are dead on the Education Index you can still follow the adventures of the web weasel while learning all about the revolutionary new Netscape browser.


xamdam said...

WannaLearn is popup-infested beyound usefullness. No link love for them (until they figure our a less obtrusive way to justify their existence)

Wynn Williamson said...

True. I have to agree with that. Still, there is some good stuff there.

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