Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flashcard Exchange

By combining tagging, RSS,and AJAX, Flashcard Exchange makes it possible to create, study, and share flashcards in...well, in a flash.

Let's see how they work. I need to learn the color words in Portuguese (azul, vermehlo, etc). Fortunately, someone already made a set of cards on this topic. To practice with the cards, I choose "Study" - the icon with the lightbulb. A flashcard appears on the screen. Pressing "C", advances the cards. I mark my mistakes with "X". If I want to reinforce the words, I can practice more with a game of Memory. After signing in, you can also copy flashcards to the clipboard and save favorite sets for later studying.

Flashcard Exchange has a large archive of already made flashcards, including sets on some tough medical, legal, and philosophical themes (i.e. Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals). Creating new cards only takes a few steps. Updates for tags are broadcast via RSS.

With a one time fee of $16.50 USD, you can get the ability to print and download the cards. If you study a lot on your PDA, it might be worth the investment.


David Porter said...

What a great idea! I shared this post with my blog readers.

David Porter
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Nicole Huett said...

Another great online platform with flashcards which is free to use and having a well qualified user community is www.funnelbrain.com. It has high quality sutdy material and you can start a collaborative study group to create new flashcards and you can be sure to be accompanied by experts in the field.

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