Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Literature Podcasts

Since getting an iPod, my father-in-law has become quite adept at hunting down free scholarly podcasts. Here's a literary podcast round-up he found from Edward Champions' Return of the Reluctant. I updated the list to only include (1) podcasts that (2) have been updated recently. I also added a few more: Air Out My Shorts, The Bat Segundo Show, Book Stories, Books and Writing podcast, Bookpitch Voice, Bookworm, Collected Comics Library, Cory Doctorow, Crackleback Short Stories, Dead White Males, Drinks with Tony, Hotzbrinck Podcasts, Japanese bedtime, Maria Letrix, Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast, Librivox Podcast, Mister Ron’s Basement, Moby Lives Radio, Naxos Audiobooks, Nextbook, NPR Books, The Penguin Podcast, Pete’s Candy Store, Pinky’s Paperhaus, Raincoast Books, Scott Sigler, SF Site Reviews, Simon Says Podcast, Stories to Go, Thought Audio, Twain Reader, Vorleser, Weird Deer,Who Said?, Word by Word, The Word Nerds, Writer’s Voice Radio, The Writing Show.

Also see my previous post on university podcasts and OCWs. (Thanks to Carlos Matias for the photo).


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Here's another free audio book site I've found.

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