Friday, March 03, 2006

Poetry, Google and Comics

Gilberto Gil's great cover of Three Little Birds. A couple months ago, Wired published an excellent article on the open source movement in Brasil that mentioned Gilberto Gil quite a bit.

First, if you've never been before, visit the Poetry Archives. The site contains audio and video of poets reading their own poems. Take the tour to learn all the features. The children's archive is pretty cute and even allows you to browse poems by animals. Thanks to Becky at the Farm School blog for the suggestion.

Second, earlier this week, Google announced that they are working with the National Archives to digitize their digital content. A handful of videos are already available on a the Google Video site, such as The Eagle Has Landed. Unfortunately, unlike other files, the code isn't available to post these videos. Thanks to Dave at Open History for the link.

Finally, for tons of comics books and graphic novels, visit BD Comics. There is a lot of good stuff on here, mainly linking to the Rapid Shared servers. There is also more on their old blogspot site.


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