Friday, March 10, 2006

Rhetoric & Old Newspapers

King Without a Crown from Matisyahu, the very talented Othrodox Jewish reggae artist.

Mike Eidenmuller's American Rhetoric is one of the largest archives of famous speeches. In addition to great historical moments and classic movie dialogue, the site also tools for scholars studying rhetoric. Hear explanatory audio samples such as Bono making an analogy or Seinfeld using simile.

Newspaper Archive contains vast files of newspaper clippings going back to the 1700s. Although a paid subscription is required to access the full contents, many fun samples are available, such as weekly vintage cars and crosswords. Additionally, these guys have started a clippings blog, The Daily Perspective, and four free archives devoted to specific topics - Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, the Titanic and the Winter Olympics. I also hear they will be coming out with more.

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