Friday, December 02, 2005

Best NASA Sites is a huge website with tons of great information and pictures. For example, check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day. In addition to great telescopic photos, the Picture of the Day includes detailed explanations full of useful links. Check out this close-up picture of the sun. This is a great daily feature and I wish they had an RSS feed. For more space and space-voyaging pictures, visit GRIN (Great Images from NASA), which archives tons of contemporary and historic photos. Some of my favorite pictures are these shots of the world lit-up at night, the crab nebulla, and this high resolution photo of Mars' surface. Another great NASA page is their searchable space mission archive complete with images, audio, and video. Finally, I'm sure that most of you guys are familiar with Google Earth, but NASA also has a satellite imagery open source program called World Wind. Although it's a big, heavy download, the images are fantastic and the program is a lot of fun.

Also, in recent news, scientists believe they may have just discovered the birth of a tiny solar system. To the left, you can see a NASA artist's conception of the baby solar system.