Friday, December 02, 2005

Joining Forces with Textbook Revolution

Jason Turgeon, founder of the excellent Textbook Revolution, and I will be joining forces. This is very exciting, as Textbook Revolution is hands-down the best archive of free textbooks and educational materials on the web. So what does this mean?

(1) Shared resources - Jason will link to me and I will link to Jason. Check out the TBR homepage and you will notice a Blog tab that links to this site. Over here, you will notice that Textbook Revolution is the top link.

We will also help each other find sites and improve our records - for example, Jason reminded me that I forgot to include the Internet Archive as a source for ebooks in yesterday's post. Whoops!

Part of the goal of TBR is to maintain mirrors of sites with free textbooks and educational materials. Since these sites usually don't make much money and can easily exceed their bandwidth, this is extremely important. If I find a good site, I'll provide the link to the TBR mirror so that readers browsing Stingy Scholar archives will be able to find materials from sites that may no longer exist.

(2) Announcements - If something big happens at TBR, I'll announce it here. If something big happens with the Stingy Scholar, Jason will announce it on TBR (like his post that we are teaming-up). Time-to-time, Jason might also come by and post something here on the Stingy Scholar blog.

(3) Future projects - Who can rule them out? We share a common goal to find free, high quality educational materials on the web and to make them easily accessible. Anything that can further this goal is a possibility.