Friday, December 16, 2005

CourtTV's Forensics Curriculum

CourtTV has put together a forensics's curriculum along with the American Academy of Forensics Science. Six teaching units are available as downloadable pdfs that cover a range of age/skill levels . These lessons look perfect for a chemistry class full of bored CSI:Miami junkies.

The Celebration, for example, is an easy module where students try to identify who fired a gun at a football celebration. In The Cafeteria Caper, students determine who broke into a cafeteria by testing hair and DNA samples. In The Car That Swims, students use footprint casting to see through a young girl’s cover story about a sunken car.

The modules tell you where to acquire the necessary materials and kits, and also contain lots of useful links, such as these three links for mystery writers who want to know more about detecting gunshot residue. For teachers who don't want to petition the school board for additional funding, know that The Celebration doesn't require any equipment or chemicals.


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