Friday, December 09, 2005

Darwin and Spaghetti Monsters

I've received a couple comments that I may be including too many links for my readers. I'm going to think about how to better organize links - maybe I can use a classification code. In the meantime, note that today I only included my favorites of many, many Darwin-related links. If you are looking for more on this topic, check out the (no joke) hundreds of great links in the AskMeFi post.

(1) British Library's Complete Writings of Charles Darwin
(2) Berkeley's Guide to Understanding and Teaching Evolution
(3) Logical Fallacies in Creationism and How to Spot Them
(4) Harvard Magazine: Intelligent Evolution
(5) Ask Metafilter: Help Me Introduce Evolution to My Parents

Also, just for Fun:
The Brick Testament
Charles Darwin Has a Posse
Flying Spaghetti Monster

Thanks to Brendan for letting me use one of his Brick Testament pictures in this post. Check out his site. It's friggin' brilliant.

You may have noted that I am no longer calling the Friday science posts "Science Fridays". This is because my wife - who otherwise loves the blog - says that the prefix is too "Ross Geller". Well, I definitely aspire to have a Joey-caliber blog...or at least Chandler. So, it's gone. (And yes, I know all the Friends references - I am married and have three sisters-in-law. I also know that Aiden was the best boyfriend, but Carrie probably deserves Big).


fix buffalo said...

Lots of productive stuff here...thanks. Consider "tagging" your links and we could get the links through, too.

Becky said...

Lovely stuff, especially Charles Darwin Has a Posse, which I appreciate because there *are* secular hs'ers out there, who tend to get overshadowed by the more sectarian crowd, especially these days. Off to make some stickers etc.!

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