Monday, December 05, 2005

Flipbooks, Sodaplay, Art Games, and ZeFrank

Drawn! first drew my attention to this massive flipbook site. is a french site, it's not hard to get the gist of the content and to enjoy the innumberable flipbooks in their archive. One annoying thing about the site - it can be difficult to figure out which flipbooks have video of the flipping. You just have to browse around and click alot.

So if this site has gotten you in the flipbook mood, try downloading this software to make your own flipbook from avi video files. Looks like a neat Christmas gift idea. (Note that although the software is free, you will have to request a license key).

Sodaplay is an extremely odd site that allows you construct an animated critter and watch it walk (or drag it) around while modifying direction, gravity, and other variables. Check out some of the best examples in the Soda Zoo. Sodaplay is actually a joint project with Queen Mary University of London and has information on the project, including lesson plans on modelling and variables. Also check out Soda Race which pits the human modelled critters against those designed by computer algorithms.

Videogame Art
Check out this awesome collection of art video games from I particularly like the nerve game, which presents daily situations that aggravate your character, and average shoveler, which puts you in control of a snowshoveler who wanders around and picks up "snow" containing bad news from actual current events.

No round-up of web visuals would be complete without mention of zefrank. From his talking aliens presenting Tom Cruise's anti-psychiatry rant, to the really cool string spin, zefrank is one of the best known and widely adapted in...whatever it is he does.

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