Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Mediasite Library of Expertise

Remember a couple weeks back when I mentioned that Blinx.tv was going to present streaming videos for great academic lectures? Yeah, what ever happened with that? I've searched their site a number of times, but I still don't see where they've posted these lectures.

Well forget 'em. Mediasite contains nothing but video to great lectures and presentations - 7,376 streaming videos at the time of this post. The search function works well, and I like that you can filter by Higher Ed, Government, and Corporate. Since the site links as pop-up windows and since the search results don't change the URL I can't directly link to some of the great videos on the site (hopefully they'll fix that during beta testing). But try some searches for "resume" or "outbreak" or "Jack Welch" (former CEO of General Electric) and you'll find some interesting presentations. Mediasite also offers tools for universities and businesses to record and publish presentations on their servers.

Thanks to Rosa for sending me the Mediasite link as well as the link to The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, who first mentioned Mediasite. As for Blinx.tv, it's still a cool page, but that's the last time I mention something yet to happen.