Monday, December 12, 2005

TBR is Red Orbit Site of the Day

Thanks to RedOrbit for naming Textbook Revolution their site of the day. Red Orbit is a site devoted to space, science, technology, and health. Here's what I like about it:

(1) Depth and Balance- Unlike some overly technical science and technology sites, Red Orbit is accessible. They manage to maintain the feel of a Google/Yahoo general portal - complete with breaking news and video - without losing their focus.

(2) Blogs and Sites of the Day - The Red Orbit editors do a great job of picking out interesting sites and blogs. Some of the many sites that I discovered through their archives are: Corporate Watch, BigHairMetal, Inside HigherEd, Watered Down Physics, 3 Quarks Daily, and GeekPress.

(3) Variety of RSS feeds - I like the option to subscribe only to the topics that interest me, such as their Space feed or Technology feed. In fact, I think Red Orbit should offer even more feeds. Maybe they could add RSS subscriptions to their sites/blogs of the day or RSS subscriptions to updated search results (as with Digg).

(4) Shop - Looking for a telescope? Anti-gravity air boots? A floating executive globe? The Red Orbit shop is like a cross between Edmund Scientifics and Johnson Smith. Very fun to browse through.